Netflix: would you be willing to accept advertising to pay less

netflix ads policy

If Netflix has so far taken a firm stand against showing ads on its streaming service , the company may well be turning its jacket.

According to analyst Michael Nathanson of Moffett Nathanson Research, it is the slowdown in the growth in the number of subscribers that could push Netflix to review its policy, the advertising broadcast on the platform.

A little publicity between two episodes?

Aiming to multiply the sources of income and thus satisfy investors, Netflix could therefore potentially follow a model equivalent to what Hulu or Peacock offer. The subscription price would then be more attractive, in exchange for the distribution of advertising content …

A comical turnaround, less than two years only after Marc Randolph assured that advertising was not part of the DNA of the SVoD service , but which could well reduce household spending in this area.

And you, would you be willing to accept the broadcast of ads on the streaming platform to pay for your Netflix subscription for less?



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